Review by Kevin Gitchel

I found Dick's account very powerful and moving. An account of the European theatre of the war not commonly heard of today. Sure, everyone has heard of Normandy, Dunkirk, Auchewitz, Bergen-Belson, Ardennes, and all the big battles. Dick, however, brought to life the names and places of places previously unknown, to me at least. Places where the war took turns for the worste, and for the better.

For me, I found the chapters: Advance of the King Tigers, and Buchenwald, the most powerful and stunning reading of all. The story, in a nutshell, moved me. Private Dick Arnolds' account of his time in Hitlers' Europe was one of fear, pain, uncertainty, insurmountable obstacles, grief, atrocity, love, faith, forgiveness, and most of all, victory!

Private Arnold will now rest, with his fellow band of brothers, and take his place in the annuals of history. His story will live on, and be told to countless others, as a reminder to us all always, that the world as we know it today could have been a far different place, if not for all the brave and courageous men, like Dick Arnold, who gave all they had, and more!!

Review by Mike Neer

At the age of 19, and not by his own choosing, Dick Arnold experienced an extraordinary share of the pain, depravity and chaos of WWll Europe. He was just a private, not a general.

Riveting descriptions of his horrific experiences, including death of comrades, liberation of a death camp, personal injury and unlikely survival, are made with no pretense of bravery or exaggerated accomplishment. His experiences would have left most men scarred for life.

It is amazing how his acceptance of Christ in the midst of the carnage changed him into the gentle, loving man who spent the rest of his life helping others..